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Teddy Bradford


StrategyWiki is a website that hosts thousands of free, collaboratively-written video game strategy guides. In addition to designing and developing the site's front end, I also spearheaded an initiative to create a MediaWiki extension that displays a dynamic table of contents in the sidebar for each guide.

D3 Lexicon

Stay a while and listen! D3 Lexicon is a website that provides players of Blizzard Entertainment's Diablo III with tools to enhance their gaming experience. Its primary feature is an organized database containing information and statistics for all items in the game. I designed the site's front end interface.

Super Mushroom Kingdom

Using a hex editor, I modified a copy of Super Mario Bros. to remove all graphical and textual data related to Mario and Luigi. The result is an extremely disorienting gaming experience in which the player must become hyperaware of his invisible character in order to establish rhythmic movements necessary for navigating through each level.

Mario's Security Room

After defeating Bowser and driving out the ol' Koopa King's minions, Mario installed a series of surveillance cameras inside Princess Peach's Castle so that he could keep a close eye on the Princess for...security reasons. Unbeknownst to our hero, however, the Princess was actually in another castle.

Syntax Sans Syntax

Syntax highlighting is a form of secondary syntactical notation because the highlights do not impact the code's meaning. So what happens when you strip away the code's primary notation, symbols, leaving only its highlights? Although the form remains the same, it loses its computational usefulness, resulting in a vibrant visual poem that is devoid of its original meaning.


Congratulations, Test Subject! You have found my super secret room! Please help yourself to this slice of cake before the ants find it.